Hello, we are Amulex
The largest remote legal service in Russia
24/7/365 online
Over 1000 cities
Over 2 million clients
Omnichannel communications
Established in 2010
We were founded on a mission to make legal help fair and affordable for all those who need it.

We merge years experience from the best Russian lawyers with technology, big data and analytics.
Everyone should have an access to legal expertise.
How we work
Since 2010, we have been constantly testing and adapting new technologies and approaches. So far we have helped more than 2 million clients, were the first Russian legal company to launch major TV campaign, and we have no plans to stop innovating any time soon.
Despite our desire to be at the cutting edge of legal services:
We are all about people.
We are all about purpose. We believe in our mission and where it will take our company.
We are all about simplicity. Legal help itself is complicated, so we're doing our best to make the process simple.
We are all about technology. We're constantly developing and scaling new projects.
We are all about analytics. Everything should be measured and thoroughly tested.
Meet our team
We're proud to work with some of the most experienced and acknowledged legal professionals in the industry.
Contact us!
+7 495 215 14 77
2 Kazachii per, 11str 2, Moscow, Russian Federation, 119180